It is with the greatest sadness and with knowledge in our hearts that we tried everything in our power to keep the financial burden from affecting our clients, that we must close our doors to Burleson Small Animal Clinic. Being a small business, but especially being a private business in the veterinary field that isn't a corporate run entity, is extremely difficult. We ran numbers in every direction, trying to avoid this but, nevertheless, eventually having to give in to our ever rising overhead costs.

Giving to our community never stopped even in our last day here. Seeing clients who became family and patients that we loved like our own was the greatest gift we've ever been given. We have been here the day that you brought your puppy or kitten for their first exam and we have been here as you said goodbye, and we are very honored that you chose us for both of those occasions.


With all of this being said, we hope to make this a little less painful as in the near future we hope to be a part of your pet's life during our adventure into the mobile veterinary industry.

Should you choose another medical route, we totally understand, and we will ensure you receive all your pet's records to include diagnostics and x-rays.


Our family of employees is still making the dedicated decision to walk each and every client and patient through this time, answering every question regarding your future and ours and putting your mind and heart at ease.

Please allow our doctor and staff the time to grieve this loss while transitioning to the new journey as we are not done in the veterinary industry.  We will be ready on Monday, October 23, 2023 at 9am to begin reaching out to current clients and receiving calls to answer any questions.

Please call us at 817-295-7111 and leave a message/voicemail and your call will be returned just as soon as possible.